1 Login

Open the platform URL:http://www.18gps.net/Skins/DefaultIndex/Default_en.
html?locale=en&back=true,Click "User" to enter the account and password and click
"GO". The account password can be obtained from the service provider. Or click the
"Plate NO /IMEI" button, input the device number and password (default password :
123456) to log in. 

2.Business management

This section is used to manage customer files, distribute equipment, including adding
and deleting customers,adding and modifying equipment data, retrieving equipment,
equipment extension, etc. Click "All Customers" to access the Account Information.

2.1 Add devices

Only for administrator/operator accounts.

This feature is used to import devices into the system.

How to do it:

1) Select the device model.

2) Input/paste the list of device numbers into the "Device number (IMEI)”only one
            number per each line.

3) Click "Import".

2.2 Add customers

Applied to register customers (4s stores, users, 4s store groups), sub-dealers, etc.
Different level customers have different way to add their own sub-level new customers.
How to do it:

1) Click "Sub-account" to create a new customer

 2) Or click the "Add" button. Follow the hints to add a new sub-customer.

3)Or select the existed customer on the left, right click to and select "New customers" to create a new one.

2.3 Devices distribution

This feature is used for devices distribution.

1) Click "Device"

2)Select the available devices in the list

3) Click "Transfer"

4) Select your customer

5) Click "Confirm" to complete the distribution.

3. Monitoring center

Monitoring center is the most commonly used section, including device monitoring,
report statistics, devicemanagement, risk control management and other functions.

1) Regular users log in and go directly to the Monitoring Center.

2) For the business accounts, click "Monitoring " to access to the Monitoring Center.